The maps consist of a very large master map of the Roman Empire and adjacent territories, and nine printable A4 maps without a textured background showing the areas closer up. An introduction is also included.
Please note that if you purchase the printed version this consists of the nine printable maps and the introduction only.
The wargame campaign Rome is Burning! remains work in progress. However, the first two books of this project are out now, and will be used in the game. They should also prove of interest to people interested in ancient history, and could be used as a background for a wargames campaign or roleplaying game. Biblical scholars may also find them of some use.
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A 58-page guide detailing the locations shown on the Roman Empire Maps set above, and giving details about geography, populations, alternative names, histories, buildings and town classifications such as colonia, civitas, canabae, etc.
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The wargame campaign Rome is Burning! is due to launch in May 2020. In the meantime we are giving you the opportunity to sign up for the game now, if you so desire: click of the eagle below to read about game positions!