- How to join the game -
- How to join the waiting list -
The wargame campaign Rome is Burning! is now up and running. You can join by doing what follows:

1. Check the list of available positions given here below, and choose the position you’d like.

2. Then email AGEMA at the following address:

When you hear back from us it will be either to confirm your chosen position or to let you know it has already been taken. If it isn’t available, we’ll suggest an alternative.

3. Once you have confirmation of your position, we will reserve it for you for two weeks. Within that time please pay £12 to AGEMA to secure your reserved position. This can be done online by using this link:

Alternatively if you already have a game account with us, you can just ask us to take the payment off your account instead.

Once payment has been received, a confirmation of your reserved position will be emailed to you. Details of your game position will be sent out to you soon after.

The £12 is non-refundable but pays for the initial start-up game turn, including the in-game newspaper Ad Infinitum.

Game turns will have the same pricing structure as our other major games: £12 per turn, with one turn run approximately once a month.

Turns are sent and received by email, but if you live in the UK and would prefer it turns can be sent in by you and sent out by us via the post. The basic turn price then increases to £15.

4. Important! In order to take part in the game you will also need to
own these three titles:

Rome is Burning! Rules
The Roman Empire Maps
The Roman Empire Locations Guide

These can be purchased here:

Each position shows (in brackets) a rough approximation geographically to where each position can be found on the map.

These are the positions currently available, excluding those already taken!

Roman player positions

1. Proconsul of Asia, Manius Acilius Aviola.
2. Procurator of Judea, Gessius Florus.
3. Legate of Upper Britannia, Marcus Trebellius Maximus.

Positions outside the Empire
1. King of Armenia (Armenians), Tiridates I.
2. King of Aethiopia (Kushites, Africa), Aspalta.
3. King of the Iazyges (Sarmatians, near Dacia), Banadaspus.
4. King of the Slavi (Slavs, Baltic States), Samo.
5. King of the Hibernii (Ireland), Auntcost.
6. King of the Mauri (Numidians, North Africa), Juba.
7. King of the Chauci (Germany), Decabalus.
8. King of the Tencteri (Germany), Moskon.
9. King of the Saxonnes (Saxons, Denmark), Rechiar.
10. King of the Angll (Angles, Denmark), Olaf.
11. King of the Juti (Jutes, Denmark), Chararic.
12. King of the Teutones (Denmark), Teutobad.
13. King of the Cimbri (Cimbrians, Denmark), Boiorix.
14. King of the Vandilii (Vandals, East Germany), Visimar.
15. King of the Gothones (Goths), Ermanaric.
16. King of the Venedi (Poland), Basedo.
17. King of the Selgovae (Scotland), Coel.
18. King of Arabia Magna (Arabs, Saudi Arabia), Amar.
19. King of Syria Deserta (Bedu, Syria/Iraq), Rezin.
20. King of Albania (Albanians, Carpathians), Zerg.