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Vive le Roi! is a set of fast play 18th century grand tactical wargame rules bringing out the differences in drill and the like throughout the century. The first half of the rules are the game mechanisms, with details on basing units and creating a wargames army in the second half (since during play it is useful to have the rules at the front!).

Each infantry battalion, cavalry squadron, and artillery battery is represented by a single stand with armies organised into brigades, wings and having a baggage trayne. National differences are covered.

The game sequence is basically of the You go – I go type.

Rule sections are as follows:

Sequence of Play

Infantry Movement

Cavalry Movement

Artillery, baggage, and generals movement

Moving through other bases


Overhead fire

Howizters and mortars

Shrinkage, disorder, confusion and routing.

Combat and musketry

Close combat





Command and control


Basing your army

Army organisation

Army ratios

Troop quality


Lances and eastern cavalry


Lack of supply

Soft ground

Deploying for battle

The pyromaniac bit…

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