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Welcome to the world of the Duke of Marlborough, Louis XIV, Charles XII and Peter the Great! None Shall Pass! is a set of wargame rules which recreate the glory and atmosphere of early Eighteenth Century battles, hopefully without the accompanying blood and tears. The tactics of the period make it as fascinating as chess, with a much greater number of variations. This time in history is easy to conjure up in the popular imagination. You can put yourself at the head of the French Mousqetaires of the Maison du Roi, they who were made famous by Alexandre Dumas, and lead the charge, emulating the Three Musketeers; rally your grenadiers for one last stand; try out new fangled inventions like cannon with three barrels; join the Swedes in their valiant attempts against the rising star of the east, Russia, or be particularly sad and play uplifting marching music when your line of toy soldiers start their main advance (yes, alright, it was me who did that, caused a laugh anyway!). In short, you can let your imagination run wild, while retaining the odd lingering thought that this could all have really happened.....

The game is designed to be played on a flat surface at least 3' by 4' in size. This is covered with terrain features such as hills and villages to represent a model battlefield, over which model figures are used as chess pieces. These figures are placed together on card bases, which are the standard playing piece in the game. If you don't yet possess any such figures or terrain, you could use just card counters to start with, replacing them with model later. However, we do urge you to get some models, as the look of the thing is half the fun of wargaming.

The only other thing you require are six-sided dice and a ruler and/or tape measure marked in inches. Apologies to those who are now used to using centimetres and millimetres, but there still some old strongholds left in England where we refuse to do likewise!

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There are army lists for the following states: 1. Bavaria. 2. Prussia-Brandenburg. 3. United Provinces. 4. Saxony-Poland. 5. Hungary. 6. Ottoman Turkey. 7. Sweden. 8. Austria. 9. England. 10. France. 11. Russia. 12. Denmark. 13. Savoy. 14. Portugal. 15. Bourbon Spain. 16. Hapsburg Spain. 17. Hanover. 18. Reichsarmee. 19. Pfalz. MINOR ALLIES; Paderborn, Ostfriesland, Osnabruck, Nassau, Trier, Nurenburg, Lubeck, Wildesheim, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Danzig, Bremen, Saxe-Gotha, Brunswick-Wolfenbuttel, Wurtemburg, Hesse-Darmstadt, Munster, Mecklenburg, Hesse-Kassel, Holstein-Gottorf, Cologne, Mainz. FOR USE WITH UILTIMA RATIO REGUM RULES.

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