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HMG is a set of World War One wargame rules for use with any scale of figure (6mm, 15mm, 20mm, 28mm ...) with infantry companies of between 4 and 8 figures used and use a ‘I go - You go’ sequence of play.

The pdf version of the rules have a hyperlinked contents page to take you quickly to the page you need!

Features -

Army organisation.

Infantry battalion organisation.

Cavalry organisation.

Artillery organisation.

Armoured vehicle unit organisation.

Engineering works.

Battleground notes.

Artillery ammunition allocation.

Smoke, gas and gas masks, canisters and generators.

Wire cutters.

Deployment procedure.

Sequence of play.

Visibility distances.

Night combat.

Air support.


Leaving trenches.

Artillery roles.

Artillery ranges.

Artillery types.

Ability to fire indirect.

Firing at artillery on the wargames table.

Artillery fire: to hit targets on the table.

Firing artillery off-table.

Rifles and machine guns.

Small arms fire.



Hit zones.

Hit results.


Close combat.

Combat against tanks.

Tanks and armoured car armour.

Vehicle list.


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