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Hostile & Dangerous is an audio adventure set in the far future, where the Terran Solar Federation tyrannically rules the planets by what is known as the Majority System; a form of dictatorship dressed up as democracy.

In this story our hero Slone buys a spaceship and along with it inherits a half-man half-robot called Favisalle, who has attitude problems, and tries to rescue the heroine of the story, the radical Amnetta.

Ripped off, accused of a bank robbery, shot at with lasers, plunged into a sewer in a bid to escape, chased through space aboard a rickety old space merchant called T’Blazer… this is an exciting story in which our not-so-brave heroes struggle to survive the wrath of Chief Inspector Luzetti and the evil federation!

Produced in the AGEMA studios, the plan is to have more such adventures released so we can follow their progress into the future and beyond!

Hostile & Dangerous is available as a two-CD set which can be listened to on your home stereo, on your personal computer, or copied (for personal use) as mp3 files to hear on your own portable devices!

Running time: over one hour twenty minutes.

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Also available as a direct download from Wargames Vault at a reduced price!