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Scramble for Empire allows players to control nations or factions in an ongoing campaign to spread their influence around the globe gaining wealth and power as they struggle to become the most dominant player in the game. Scramble for Empire is designed to be easy to play.

One game turn is played once every month, and cost £10 each, or £16 for two positions (a nation and a trade company), or just £6 for a single character, and can be paid for online (see ‘Pay for Turns’) or by cheque (£ Sterling).

Scramble for Empire is a global wargames campaign. There are three basic types of player position. The main type is that of a nation, which you lead. These have strong ties to historical powers of the Imperialist Victorian age, so for example Britannia is Great Britain, Franconia is France, Germania is Germany, and so forth. The game is designed to allow us to have all the dramatic and exciting elements of history able to play out, but not necessarily in the same order they happened in real life. So, we could have simultaneously happening a war with Red Indians, skirmishes between the Union and Confederacy, the Boer War, the Indian Mutiny, Opium Wars in China, trouble in the Sudan at Khartoum, the Crimean War and the siege of Sevastopol... you get the picture!

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