The Glory of Kings is set in the days of the 18th century, with one game turn representing a month and players taking on a variety of roles. Typically you play as the head of a country, for example the King of France, a German prince, or a Chinese or Indian lord. Smaller positions, such as a notorious pirate can be taken on instead if you prefer.

Each game turn is run approximately once every five weeks in real life, and each turn you receive details of your own position, any letters from others, and the in-game newspaper. The game has won multiple awards over the years, and is a firm favourite amongst our players. Standard turns cost £12 each.

Buy The Glory of Kings game rules (PDF version) £3.99
All our PDFs are sent out attached to emails, the same or next working day at the latest. All our products are available in PDF format worldwide, but hard copy print versions are only available in the UK.
also available as a printed book (UK only, inc.p&p) £9.99
TO TAKE PART all you need is access to an email account, and a computer or suchlike in order to send and receive orders. Files are sent to you as PDFs, so anyone can open them, and your turns are sent in to us as word files (doc, docx,or rtf, for example; in fact we can cope with most text files). If you prefer, and live in the U.K., playing via the post is possible instead (a £3 surcharge applies though).

The first requirement to take part is to get the rules. Nothing else needs to be done at this stage. With the rules you’ll receive a list of positions currently available, and instructions on what to do next.

The rules are deliberately cheap in order to get potential players to take a look. Please note that you are not tied into anything, and you can join or leave a game of The Glory of Kings any time you like!
Thanks for reading, and we hope you decide to take the plunge and join us in this epic award-winning game!