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Stingbad! is designed for mass skirmish fantasy wargames with figures (miniatures), played on tabletop.
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Stingbad is a new set of Fantasy wargame rules developed as part of a new series covering different periods. They were developed from the pedigree of our popular Sacre Bleu massed skirmish rules, using a variable sequence of play which means even underdogs stand a chance of winning.

The rules stand alone, no other sets in the series are required, but all those in the Streamlined Play Rules Series share a core set of rules, so if you learn one picking up another one of the rules in the series is easy. Each set is, of course, heavily tweaked for the period they cover and are streamlined for fast play. We want our games to be straightforward, so we can concentrate on trying to defeat our tabletop enemy insted of spending our time 'fighting' the rules to get them to work! That is central to the design philosophy of these wargame rules.

In the case of Stingbad, included are three ways of choosing armies, and the features include amongst other things flexible unit sizes, different types of battle, weather rules, commander ratings, fluke hits, heroes and speeches, collapsing buildings, smoke and - as you'd expect - magic rules. Magic can be powerful, it can cause hills to rise up or collapse, and trees to animate and become walking creatures and water to rage for instance, all assuming you can get the magic to work!

The rules have taken years to develop, during which keeping them simple and not complicating things was a major challenge. They can be used with as many or as few figures as you want (individually based, that is!).

We hope you decide to give them a go, and enjoy leading your hordes to ultimate victory, or even to glorious defeat... ?!