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+++ This is Earth: The old corrupt republic has fallen. The Terran Solar Federation is now in control. Resistance shall be eliminated! Resistance shall be eliminated… +++
Marius Blake jabbed the comms unit, turning off the broadcast.
“We won’t be going back then,” he mused.
Cyberunit 777 whirred and in a metallic voice announced, “Nav computer reports unidentified object approaching at high velocity.”
A Terran-second later the spaceship jolted violently, then shuddered and red luminescent lighting replaced the bright glare of the daylight-mimic systems.
“What in Tartarus was that, report!” growled Marius.
“Unidentified object now identified as Federation cruiser, which is engaging this vessel with laser straffing. Incoming… brace, brace, brace,” intoned the cyberunit without emotion.
Marius unbuckled his seat and lurched for the single, possibly faulty, escape pod. He wasn’t going to wait for the next strike. As he sat back and pressed ‘launch’, he muttered to himself, “I’m not stupid, and I’m not staying… but mark my words, I’ll be back to stop all this!”
The escape pod was hurled silently from his stricken spaceship just before that ship blossomed instantaneously into the flare of a million pieces as it was atomised by laser bolts...

Regime Change is a science-fiction space opera, with one game turn representing a ‘stardate’ and players taking on the role of a single character in a dysfunctional universe where nothing is what is seems. Typically you play as the owner of a spaceship, or you could be the head of a small rebel gang, or a Federation law enforcement officer.
Each game turn is run approximately once a month in real life, and each turn you receive details of your own position details and the in-game newspaper. Any star maps needed are published in the newspaper. The game also has an 8-part audio introduction which sets the scene nicely. If you buy the rules on this page of this website, you’ll get the Mp3 audios bundled with the rules at a discounted price.
Turns cost £12 each.
All you need is access to an email account, and a computer or suchlike in order to send and receive orders. Files are sent to you as PDFs, so anyone can open them, and your turns are sent in to us as word files (doc, docx,or rtf, for example; in fact we can cope with most text files). If you prefer, and live in the U.K., playing via the post is possible instead (a £3 surcharge applies though). Standard turns are £12 each.

The first requirement to take part is to get the rules. Nothing else needs to be done at this stage. With the rules you’ll receive details about how to create your character, and instructions on what to do next.

The rules are deliberately cheap in order to get potential players to take a look. Please note that you are not tied into anything, and you can join or leave a game of Regime Change any time you like!
Thanks for reading, and we hope you decide to take the plunge and join in this awesome space opera game!