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Scramble for Empire (Victorian)

Swashbuckler (18th century RPG)

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Gordian Knot (Ancient)

Sacre Bleu (Horse & Musket)

18th century Game of War

Vive le Roi! (18th century)

Ultima Ratio Regum II (18th c.)

List of Arms (army lists for above)

None Shall Pass! (18th century)

To Arms (army lists for above)

Napoleonic Game of War

Victory! (Napoleonic naval)


Challenge & Reply II (WW1 naval)

WW1 naval lists for above

All at Sea! (WW2 naval)

Resistance is Futile III (Sci-fi)

Heavy Support (add on for above)

A Clear & Present Danger (Space)

Audio MP3/CD adventure stories

Hostile & Dangerous (Sci-fi)

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Over the Hills! (18th c. novel)

Battles of the Spanish Succession

Ottoman Army of the 18th century

Spanish Civil War Armies

18th century Atlas

18th century Gazetteer

18th century Companion

No peace without Spain!

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Advice for Princes, &c.

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Pay for Turns Joining Scramble for Empire In action since 1989! LAST UPDATED AUGUST 2017 Joining the Glory of Kings Regime Change Resistance is Futile! Audio Heavy Support Sci Fi wargames scenarios Sci Fi wargames scenarios Space combat Challenge & Reply WW1 Fleet lists WW1 Fleet lists WW1 Fleet lists WW1 Fleet lists WW1 Fleet lists WW1 Fleet lists LATEST NEWS: Russo-Japanese War ships - top down counters nearly ready for release: under steam, on fire, damaged! Also in development: Roman Civil War ancient era email game, and more science-fiction wargame stuff!